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HYGGE | Room Spray

HYGGE | Room Spray

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HYGGE: A beautiful blend of Citrus and Sage. If you love the candle, you'll love the spray!

All of our room sprays are made with Pthalate and paraben free fragrance oils.

We add a preservative to ensure that they're made correctly and will last you 6 months to a year ! All of our room sprays are also made in small batches so you get the freshest ingredients! 

Care guide: this is a room spray, we do not recommend using this on your body as a perfume! DO NOT CONSUME!! Keep away from children! 

* Please test a portion of your fabric if you wish to spray on your pillow, sheets , curtains ect. Always test before and never spray directly, always at a distance. 

** A little goes a long way. One to 2 sprays should be enough. If you like a strong scent then you can definitely add an extra squirt, but for those who don't want a strong scent 1 squirt goes a long way!  

We also strongly advise to test on small areas of your linens before spraying around. Since we do use oils in our room sprays they can stain your pillow cases and sheets. We are not held responsible if this happens as we strongly advise to only use this as a room spray only! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So fresh and inviting

Absolutely love the smell. So fresh and the fact it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients makes me love it more. Will definitely buy again! Thank you!

Best room sprays ever

I purchased all 3 scents and I can honestly say that they are now my favourite room sprays. The spa scent is beautiful and relaxing. The home scent is exactly as the name describes - it's comforting and lovely for the living room. The buh-bye bad vibes scent is fresh and also great. All the scents are light, but last a very long time and keep the room feeling fresh! Will definitely be using these sprays frequently, thank you Vanessa!