Pure 100% soy wax

We only use 100% soy wax in our candles. There are no fillers in our wax ! The quality of our candles matter to us! We infuse our candles with non-toxic and pet friendly fragrance oils. Our oils are made for candles, and don't contain any pthalates or parabens! The wick is a natural soy braided wick.

For all custom requests, party favors, personalized candles, corporate gifts , wholesale and private label, please click here and complete the contact form for a quote.

note that personalized candles take 1-2 weeks turn around time, and all other special requests anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on quantity!

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How to care for your soy candle

When purchasing one of our luxury soy candles, we always include a soy candle care card with your purchase. 

1. The first burn is the most important burn, and ofcourse every burn after that. Soy candles have a memory, so it's important to let your wax melt around the edges of the candle to have an even melt pool. Failure to do so will result in tunneling. 

2. Trim your wick before lighting your candle. We recommend trimming before lighting your candle so you can safely discard the excess wick in the garbage versus it falling in the wax (Yuck)!

3. We recommend extinguishing your candle with a candle snuffer or simply by applying the lid on the jar versus blowing it out. When you blow it out, you let unnecessary soot travel around your home. Even though it's a natural candle, soot happens with all wicks and extinguishing your candle properly is important.

Feel free to email us at jaimebougiemtl@gmail.com if you have any candle care questions. 





DIY Kit - how to

You just purchased your DIY kit ! Congratulations! 

Here is a step by step on how to use the products you received to make your very own candle! 

1. melt the wax in a heat resistant cup (measuring cup is good) - use a microwave to melt your wax, melt in increments of 30-45 seconds stirring until it's completely liquid

2. safely remove your cup from the microwave. Use oven Mits or a dish towel so you don't burn yourself. 

3. Let it sit for a bit until it cools a little (about 5 minutes). While you wait, prep your vessel. You received a wick, and a white wick sticker. Please the wick sticker under the metal wick holder, now stick it in the middle of your vessel. To secure the wick in place, you were given a clothes pin, secure the wick in the middle so it stays straight.

4. Add in the fragrance you selected 

5. stir slowly for 2 minutes so the fragrance evenly distributes in your wax

6. Pour your wax in the vessel 

7. Now you wait. Ideally, we ask that you wait 1 week so the scent can mix properly with the wax and create a good scent throw, however, you can light it after 24 hours. 

8. After 24 hours wait trim your wick to 1/4 inch in length.

Enjoy !!

Custom Requests

Party Favors / Special Events / Personalized Candles: 


Party Favors & Special Events: 

1. A minimum quantity of 25 candles is required to get party favors and special events with a custom label from our printing supplier. Any order under 25 candles, you must supply us with the labels you would like to use on the candles or ask that we input our branded labels. 

2. Our preferred size for party favors is our 3oz or 6 oz glass vessel. Note that the label for the 3oz glass vessel would be a round label on the lid for better visibility. The 6oz can have a higher quality transparent look for the label on the body of the vessel. 

3. You can pick the size, and style of vessel you would like (from the ones we offer), as well as the scent of your choice. We will give you some recommendations of top scents , and you can then pick the one that you prefer / matches your theme. 

4. All event favors must be places 4 weeks in advance (6 weeks if the orders are 100+). 

5. We do offer a small discount for events depending on quantity. 10%-50% depending on the quantity and style of vessels. 

6. Please send us an email at jaimebougiemtl@gmail.com to get a quote for your order. Note that a 25% non refundable deposit is required to secure your items and date. This 25% will be reduced from you total when final payment is due. 


Personalized Candles: 

If you're looking for a personalized candle, we work with another small business that personalizes our candles using Vinyl. You can also get it on a personalized label if you prefer (5$ per side extra). 

Contact us by email to get started (we need approximately 2 weeks to work on this) - jaimebougiemtl@gmail.com


Thank you, and looking forward to working with you on your next event. 

J'aime Bougie Team

  • Best Candles I have ever purchased! The scents are amazing, they burn clean and the after care instructions are very easy to follow. There are subscription boxes to allow you to try an array of different products they offer and they also can make beautiful gifts for corporate events / weddings etc. Vanessa is very responsive to messages and always willing to help her clients! Absolutely recommend!

    Chantal .B.

  • I love J'aime Bougie soy candles! They are great gifts to give and receive. The vessels are lovely, candles burn perfectly, and the service offered by Vanessa is always above and beyond! Maria.C

  • Amazing candles and even better service! Vanessa always delivers quality products with special attention and care. She has made my custom candles for my special events with so much patience and attention to detail.

    Laura .M.

  • I recently bought J'aime Bougie candles from Vanessa, and I'm not a huge fan of both Vanessa and her products. She's an absolute GEM and the candles are AMAZING! I highly recommend reaching out to her and purchasing all your candles, you definitely won't be disappointed!

    Carl .P.

  • Vanessa was a pleasure to work with! She answered all of my questions and was so helpful and prompt with her replies. The candles smelled amazing and came with the nicest packaging! I'll definitely be ordering from J'aime Bougie again!

    Andrea .H.

  • Absolutely love the scent of J'aime Bougie candles! The scent is just right, not too strong but enough to add a pleasant aroma. I especially love how they're non toxic so I feel safe using them at home and around my kids, and family. Vanessa gives such great service and is so kind to deal with too! Definetely recommend this business!

    Natasha .F.