DIY Candle Making - How to make your very own soy candle

You just purchased your DIY kit ! Congratulations! 

Here is a step by step on how to use the products you received to make your very own candle! 

1. melt the wax in a heat resistant cup (measuring cup is good) - use a microwave to melt your wax, melt in increments of 30-45 seconds stirring until it's completely liquid

2. safely remove your cup from the microwave. Use oven Mits or a dish towel so you don't burn yourself. 

3. Let it sit for a bit until it cools a little (about 5 minutes). While you wait, prep your vessel. You received a wick, and a white wick sticker. Please the wick sticker under the metal wick holder, now stick it in the middle of your vessel. To secure the wick in place, you were given a clothes pin, secure the wick in the middle so it stays straight.

4. Add in the fragrance you selected 

5. stir slowly for 2 minutes so the fragrance evenly distributes in your wax

6. Pour your wax in the vessel 

7. Now you wait. Ideally, we ask that you wait 1 week so the scent can mix properly with the wax and create a good scent throw, however, you can light it after 24 hours. 

8. After 24 hours wait trim your wick to 1/4 inch in length.

Enjoy !!