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J'aime Bougie

DIY candle making kit

DIY candle making kit

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Make your very own soy candle with our DIY candle kit.

Instructions are provided as well as all the tools you need to make your candle. 

Pick the vessel and the scent of your choice from the options below 


All our candles are made with high quality fragrance oils without any phthalates or parabens. We use 100% soybean wax (no fillers or anything added to the wax, PURE soybeans). Our wicks are made of soy wax and braided for the optimal burn. 

Please ensure that you have time to light your candles as they require an even melt pool so they can burn beautifully. The melt pool should be melted all around the vessel before extinguishing. 

Our fragrance oils are pet and kid safe, no essential oils in our candles as many essential oils are NOT pet friendly. 

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