Collection: Spring & Summer Collection

Welcome to our Spring & Summer collection! Fresh, fruity and floral vibes. A scent truly for all! 

Jamaican Rum: bananas, pineapple and Rum .. smells so good reminds me of a beautiful vacation.

Honey, Fig + Ginger - a fresh and clean spring scent that was brought back to our collection after being a top seller 2 years ago

Midnight Jasmine - the inviting and beautiful Jasmine scent. Perfect for spring 

Lemon - citrus forward reminds you of a nice lemon sorbet 

Pina Colada - our top summer scent 

Beach house - lemon, vanilla and coconut perfect summer scent 

each candle is 8oz in net weight and burns for 40 hours 

Remember to follow our candle care guide for the best information on how to properly light your candle.