About J'aime Bougie

About J'aime Bougie

About J'aime Bougie:


Welcome!! I'm Vanessa, owner of J'aime Bougie. A Montreal based soy candle small business that was started in 2019! J'aime Bougie was one of the first soy candle small businesses in Montreal. My main focus was to create beautiful nontoxic candles that smelled amazing, and looked great in any room of your home! All of the candles I make are kid safe (I'm a mom of 3 young boys, so this was so important for me), and pet safe as well. I use high quality fragrance oils that are MADE for candles, and are phthalate, and paraben free! Check out the review carrousel, as well as the testimonials, to see why others are loving J'aime Bougie candles! I am sure you will find a vessel, and scent you will LOVE! Don't forget to join our rewards program to accumulate points + sign up to our newsletter and join the community!

Thank you for coming by, and looking forward to getting to know you!



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