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Information regarding Special Events / Private Label

Information regarding Special Events / Private Label 


I get quite a few questions regarding how to book special events, and whether or not I offer private label for my candles. In this article you will find answers to all your questions. If there is something you would like clarification on, or a question you may have that is not answered in this article, please contact me via email at: 



Information regarding Special Events / Private Label

Let's get started !

Special Events:

If you are reading this because you have a special event coming up, first off, CONGRATULATIONS! Planning any event is so stressful, and it's so important the delegate wherever you can! 

Here is all you need to know to get started. 

1. You will want to send us an email at jaimebougiemtl@gmail.com to obtain a quote for your event. Follow the steps below to know exactly what information to write on your email. 

1a: The most important information is the date of the event. Kindly note that we require atleast 3-4 weeks in advance so we can order your vessels, scents, labels + have time to work on them as well. Alongside the date, I would need to know the quantity of candles you will need. The quantity will help me determine the best quote possible for your order. 

2. Pick a vessel! We have 3 vessel options (we recommend you check out our instagram page to see previous event photos for an idea on our sizes) Pictured here is one of our top requested 6oz vessel. We offer 3oz, 6oz and 10oz. All in glass as it's aethetically pleasing for most. If you prefer the amber jar, please indicate it in your email. 

3. If you require a special label, we work with a reputable printing company in Montreal that can assist us with printing your label. It is up to you to provide a pdf of the design you would like to use for your labels. You are also free to use another printing company, and opt only for the candles without the label. Labels / packaging are always an extra when getting your quote, so please make sure to mention all this in your email. 

4. We use our signature white boxes for all our party favors. They are super giftable and cute to display on your table ! The theme ribbon of your choice can be selected when you pick the packaging option. We typically suggest a beautiful ivory satin label as the look is just beautiful, but any colour you would like, we can probably obtain from our local supplier. 

5. That's it guys! Simple as 1,2,3! We always try to get your candles ready the week prior to your event so you can be less stressed with pick up. All candles for events are to be picked up. If delivery is required, a rate will be given depending on location. 


Private Label / Wholesale:

Yessss !!!! We offer private label and wholesale candles. Here is the difference: 


Private label:

We fill up the candles for you and you provide your own labels - This will ensure you get the proper design you want with a specialized printing company. We can also refer our printing supplier should you not have a connection. Private label candles start in boxes of 12 - the more you buy, the better the price! I always provide a candle care card so clients know how to burn their candles. IF you do not want my candle care card, I will not be liable should anything go wrong with the burning process. The liability falls on you the buyer!  Also note that private label is always more expensive than wholesale (UNLESS - you are giving out our candle care cards and business cards and your clients know the candle is made by J'aime bougie!)


Wholesale pricing starts at 50 candles and up. Wholesale is not the same as private label. Wholesale for us is when a company decides to feature our branded candles at their location! We provide you with the candles, branded labels, candle care cards and business cards. Branded bags are also given so it's easier for the company to give them out once purchased! 

Essentially, we give you a better price, so you can make a little extra $$ when selling them. 


** We do not work on any kind of consignment! Thank you!

I hope this answers all your questions! I am always around if you have any inquires.

Have a great day!


- Owner of J'aime Bougie 

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