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Why Soy Candles?

Why Soy Candles? 

Listen, I get it! Everyone thinks their product is the best - but let me tell you why our soy candles are that good!

1. We use 100% american soy beans that are organic and truly the best kind !

2. We have been in business since 2019, and before launching we did an extensive amount of trial and error to perfect our recipe. Yes, we follow an actual recipe with math equations, temperature measurements etc.. we don't just melt and pour !

3. We use a high % of fragrance in our candles to ensure they smell fantastic, thus making you LOVE them. The good thing about the fragrances we use, they are high quality fragrances without any sketchy ingredients in them. This means no phthalates which are harmful for you (psst: most store bought candles contain these harsh toxins in their candles!)

4. We make all our candles in small batches, so they're always truly precise and well made!


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